September 26, 2018

5 Actionable Tips To Help Improve Your Marriage

There are countless ways we can improve and strengthen our marriages and romantic partnerships. In today’s post, we share five, quick, and highly actionable tips […]

By Annie Wright|Relationship

There are countless ways we can improve and strengthen our marriages and romantic partnerships. In today’s post, we share five, quick, and highly actionable tips to help you do this. They’re little but potent efforts that can create a greater sense of well-being for you both as individuals and ultimately help strengthen your relationship.

1) Play the “gratitude game” about your relationship.

In the morning, maybe as you’re both waiting for your commute train or are in the car together driving to work, or even by text or email throughout the day, play what I call “The Gratitude Game” where you take turns naming things you like about your partner or naming what you feel grateful for in the relationship.

For instance, you could say, “I’m grateful that last night you made me a big bowl of popcorn and let me choose which show we watched.” or “I’m grateful we can be silly together so often.

Taking the time to identify and name what’s going well in your relationship or what you like in one another can help create a positive, connected state between you two.

We are dedicated to resolving issues and blocks that may get in the way of living the life that you imagined.

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2) Send loving or cute texts throughout the day.

Take advantage of your cell phone and send your partner a quick text during the day telling them that you miss or love them and/or send pictures of you two that might be on your photo roll or images of cute cats and puppies you grabbed from online.

The idea here is that by sending something small but loving, you can not only brighten your partner’s day but possibly help them create a more positive connotation of you by associating you with kind words or cute images.

All of which can help strengthen your relationship and help you two feel closer.

3) Take five minutes of your lunch break and Facetime.

While texts and emails are all well and good, some of us feel much more connected when we actually see the face of our partner.

So, when possible, take a few minutes to Facetime to see your partner’s face, hear their voice, and just enjoy each other in the midst of what otherwise might be a hectic workday.

4) Listen to music together but separately.

If you have a shared Spotify playlist, listen to an album together at your respective workplaces when you both need some background music.

Send music recommendations back and forth and know that you and your partner are experiencing something similar during the day but in your own environments. This can be a sweet and simple way to feel closer despite the distance during the day.

5) Make your partner the home screen of your phone or laptop.

Work on a screen as most of us do?

Put up a picture of your honey as the desktop or phone background – whether this is their face or a snapshot from your honeymoon or some beautiful landscape photo you snapped on your last adventure, having this visual image in a place that you’ll see 10 or 20 times a day can help you feel more connected to one another.

And if you’re interested in more than quick tips to help improve your relationship and are curious about couples counseling, please feel free to reach out to us to set up a complimentary consult call so we can match you with the best therapist for your situation.

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