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Details of employment opportunities and job descriptions will be posted regularly. If interested in applying, please review the current listings below and submit your resume and cover letter (being sure to answer all the questions asked in the job description) to [email protected].

Open Positions:

Full-Time Licensed Therapist

Why We’re Different & What We Can Offer You: 


    • Competitive compensation with bi-annual bonus opportunities.
    • 401K retirement plan with a 4% employer match.
    • Consistent referrals with no marketing efforts required by you.
    • Enjoyable, diverse, motivated, and rewarding clients.
    • Excellent professional growth opportunities including on-going peer consult groups, advanced trainings, the ability to lead workshops and groups, and more.
    • Opportunities for great work-life balance with scheduling flexibility from 8am-8pm across the whole week (including weekends) as long as sessions take place in 4, 6, or 8-hour blocks of time and as long as 24 client sessions are held.
    • State-of-the-art technology and therapy practice software available to you.
    • Beautifully appointed offices with tasteful furniture, lovely art, great views of the Berkeley hills, and a coffee/tea bar available to you and your clients.
    • Warm, friendly, collaborative and supportive teamwork environment.
    • Professional, fun, and detail-oriented support staff available to you.

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