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Who We Are As A Center

Founded by a trauma therapist (not a VC-backed, tech company) for trauma therapists, Evergreen Counseling is the first boutique, trauma-informed therapy center in the area (and possibly in the country).

At Evergreen, we center our clients, providing exceptional, professional, warm, and humanistic trauma therapy care.

And at Evergreen, we also center our staff, providing the most comprehensive benefits package of any therapy center in the Bay Area (more on that below), require only a 25-client caseload, and provide ongoing training, consultation, and advanced education opportunities to foster your clinical growth. All the while we surround you with an incredibly responsive, caring, and invested operations team to support you in your role as a therapist.

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What Makes Us Different

Each staff member is trauma-informed and/or trauma trained and possesses advanced training in trauma treatment modalities so that we can serve clients presenting with single incident traumas or complex, early relational traumas (sometimes called developmental trauma).

Beyond our distinct niche, internal education opportunities and intensive support structure which allows you to grow and develop as a trauma-informed clinician at a well-reputed center, Evergreen Counseling is different from other group practices because of the following extensive benefits that center and prioritize your physical, mental and financial health now and into the future.

Our Core Benefits

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance for you and your dependents
  • 401K plan with 4% match
  • Paid sick time
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • 529 savings plan

Other Helpful Benefits

  • Workplace and work schedule flexibility: work from our beautiful, downtown Berkeley offices or work from the comfort of your home on a flexible schedule determined by you.
  • Ongoing training, workshops, and guest presenters on salient clinical topics.
  • Enjoyable, diverse, motivated, and rewarding clients.
  • Monthly peer consult groups led by our Clinical Director and twice-monthly EMDR consultation groups led by one of the country's foremost EMDR experts and one of Dr. Shapiro's original students.
  • One month of time off per year.

Testimonials about working at Evergreen Counseling

“Working at Evergreen has been such a gift. I did not previously think that finding a place with this level of professional support was possible. I have never found another company or job opportunity that offers you this level of opportunities to grow as an EMDR clinician, it is truly unparalleled in our field, best in class.”

Glassdoor Review

“Annie has a range of strengths that are rare to find in one clinician. She is not only an expert practitioner who consistently pursues excellence, but also highly skilled in management and business operations. Annie leads with integrity and care. She is always responsive and attentive to the clinicians', team's and clients' needs. Annie is deft in her navigation of the nuances of the complex situations we face every day as clinicians. The level of support that she offers for professional development is unparalleled, and the additional benefits for employees are top-tier. I am so thankful to work alongside her!”

LinkedIn Review

“The CEO is a visionary that truly embodies the company's values of warmth, excellence, professionalism, and inclusivity. Her priority to lead with generosity and value is made clear by the top-notch health benefits, 4 weeks of time off, advanced training opportunities, and emphasis on work-life balance. The company is fast-growing and provides many opportunities for growth, learning, and career development. The culture is the best I've ever experienced. Employees are supported and valued by leadership, achievements are regularly recognized, and a strong sense of community is fostered among the team. Overall, Evergreen Counseling is an incredible place to work where it is clear that the employees genuinely love what they do.”

Glassdoor Review

“It is said that people leave bosses not jobs. If that's true, then the opposite would have to hold - people stay for jobs because of who they work with. Annie Wright is one of those leaders. Work has become the central place many of us find a footing in our callings, our passions and our purpose in life. So the workplace - how its [sic] run, how organized it is, and how competent and compassionate the people there are - becomes centrally important. I've personally found this to be especially true of people in the helping occupations. Annie truly gets this. Like really gets is [sic]. She's been a brilliant entrepreneur and has created a vibrant therapeutic community that is profitable and purposeful in a few short years. She knows how to lead and how to serve. She offers great benefits (401K, medical/dental/vision, savings plans and more) because she respects we all have fully developed lives that need nurturing. If you're like me, you want to have faith in your co-workers because that's the first step in having faith in yourself. That is happening writ large in our society; the Great Resignation will shift to the Great Homecoming. People will find their way to new opportunities that allow them to do their best work ever. The top of the list? Annie Wright and Evergreen Counseling. Working here will be the best decision you ever made. You can thank me later :)”

LinkedIn review

“Annie Wright, LMFT genuinely cares about each and every one of her team members at Evergreen Counseling. In the time I've witnessed Annie in her role, she's stewarded her company and team through a global pandemic, doubled the size of her company, and expanded medical benefits to help cover her employees' families. She is available at a moment's notice to support her team with personal and professional matters and truly puts people first. She centers the client experience at Evergreen, certainly, but she also centers the well-being of her clinicians and that's evident in almost everything she does.”

Glassdoor Review

“I can't speak highly enough of Annie and the team at Evergreen Counseling. Annie is an incredibly thoughtful leader who invests in all of her employees. She has been instrumental to my professional growth and is a consistent source of support for the clinical and administrative teams.”

Glassdoor Review

“I had the pleasure of working for Evergreen Counseling as an EMDR therapist. Founder Annie Wright is really doing something special here. EC clinicians offer a superb standard of care for clients, especially for folks who have experienced trauma. You can absolutely trust that you will be cared for well at EC as both a client and employee. For y'all EMDR clinicians- this place is such a unique gem! I have never encountered another center that provides more professional development opportunities to their clinicians.”

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Our Open Positions

Please read the details of each of our open positions and, if you’re ready to apply and join our exceptional team, follow the instructions at the end of each listing to submit your application materials. If you have any questions as you review our open positions or put together your application package, feel free to email our practice manager at [email protected].

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