Therapy Issues


Right now, as a result of the gaslighting you’ve gone through, you may be experiencing…

  • A deep sense of disorientation, not knowing what’s real and what’s unreal.
  • Feelings of powerlessness and loss of agency in your life.
  • Self-doubt, not knowing if you can trust your own mind and experiences.
  • A heightened sense of dependence on others.
  • Guilt and shame for the experiences you’ve been through.

You’re realizing that the gaslighting you went through is getting in the way of your life…

  • You can’t seem to think well of yourself anymore. 
  • You don’t trust yourself enough to plan the next steps of your life path.
  • Your confidence is eroded and you seem to exude low self-esteem that others notice.
  • You feel a persistent feeling of guilt, shame, and fear at all times and it’s stopping you from taking the actions you want to take. 
  • You feel isolated from others, not wanting to let anyone know what’s really been going on.

You’re wondering…

  • Is what I went through actually gaslighting? 
  • How did it impact me so much? Why can’t I seem to get over it?
  • How did I let myself get into that situation? How do I make sure I never get into that situation again?

You’re longing for…

  • The ability to trust yourself and not second guess your experiences, thoughts, and perceptions of what you went through.
  • The ability to recognize healthy relationships and have better boundaries.
  • To actually feel good about yourself again, like your old, confident self. 
  • Clarity about what you need and want and what’s best for you and the ability to act on those awarenesses.
  • Relief from the depression and anxiety you’ve been carrying around for so long.

What you’re longing for is possible.

At Evergreen Counseling, we have a staff of seasoned, evidence-based therapists skilled in treating gaslighting.

How we can help you

By pursuing therapy for gaslighting, you can imagine the following:

Before Therapy After Therapy

Persistent, painful self-doubt. About yourself, your experiences, and the relationships in your life.

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A steadier sense of inner knowing and self-trust. About the people in your life and your own life experiences.

You feel scared of being in a relationship because you don’t know who will take advantage of you again.

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You have the tools to discern healthy, functional relationships from dysfunctional ones.

Shame and isolation. Withdrawing from people in your life because of what you’ve been through and fear about opening up about it.

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Reduced shame and a greater capacity to turn towards safe, healthy relationships so that you feel connected and supported again.

Low self-esteem and chronic feelings of depression and anxiety.

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Confidence and faith in yourself. A more even and healthy mood state.

What if I’m Not Ready?

If you don’t feel quite ready to book a complimentary consult call yet, that’s completely fine.

We don’t want you to feel pressured and we know that the choice to seek out therapy can feel difficult.

Part of you wants to do it, and another part of you is, perhaps, scared to begin because of the feelings you might have to finally feel.

Or a part of you questions whether or not you can even be helped at all.

Whatever the reason, no matter how ready or not ready you feel to begin therapy, we want you to have the information you need to make an informed choice.

So, to that end, please explore the additional information below to learn more about us and how we can help you.

We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to reach out for support.

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