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The reality is that relationships can be both the biggest source of joy and safety in our lives as well as our biggest source of strain and challenge as adults.

And, let’s face it, almost no other relationship will feel as triggering as a romantic relationship.

Why is this? Because long-term romantic relationships will bring up all of our attachment wounds, triggers, and unresolved issues from childhood.

And while this may feel profoundly uncomfortable (not to mention infuriating at times!), it's actually a truly wonderful opportunity for growth if you and your partner are committed to doing the healing work of addressing it together.

In couples counseling, our trained couples counselors will skillfully work with you both, helping you more deeply and compassionately understand the dysfunctional patterns and cycles you seem to be trapped in, and help you create new, different and more functional choices and behaviors to strengthen your relationship.

When our romantic relationships are going well and we feel a secure attachment with the person we've chosen as a life partner, almost nothing feels better than that. Our job as couples counselors is to help you experience that feeling and get your relationship to that safe, stable place.

Some of the issues we can help you with through couples counseling

  • Non-stop bickering and fighting
  • Endless cycles of misattunements and triggering with one another
  • Poor communication skills
  • Underdeveloped conflict resolution skills
  • Mismatched libidos and differing desires
  • Navigating anxious/avoidant and disorganized attachment patterns
  • Emotional regulation and co-regulation with one another
  • Shutting down, tuning out, and fantasizing about leaving versus staying

What if I’m Not Ready?

If you don’t feel quite ready to book a complimentary consult call yet, that’s completely fine.

We don’t want you to feel pressured and we know that the choice to seek out therapy can feel difficult.

Part of you wants to do it, and another part of you is, perhaps, scared to begin because of the feelings you might have to finally feel.

Or a part of you questions whether or not you can even be helped at all.

Whatever the reason, no matter how ready or not ready you feel to begin therapy, we want you to have the information you need to make an informed choice.

So, to that end, please explore the additional information below to learn more about us and how we can help you.

We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to reach out for support.

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