Therapy Issues

Racial Trauma

Right now, as a result of the racial trauma you’ve lived through, you may be experiencing…

  • Anxiety, depression, and a high degree of stress.
  • Marginalization and feeling oppressed in the workplace.
  • Feeling “other” in so many environments.
  • Loneliness and isolation.
  • Overwhelming internal and external pressures.

You’re realizing that the racial trauma you’ve experienced is getting in the way of your life…

  • You’re isolating more and more because relationships feel exhausting and draining and this is costing you professionally and personally.
  • You feel shame and guilt, and live with critical inner voices.
  • You feel angry nearly all the time and are highly irritable, snapping at your loved ones and pushing people away.
  • You feel exhausted from the enormous energy it takes to navigate invisible stressors and microaggressions. You feel weary.

You’re wondering…

  • Is racial trauma even treatable? 
  • How can therapy fix what’s wrong systemically?
  • Is it possible for me to work with a therapist who’s also a POC so I know they get it?
  • Can trauma therapy actually help me?

You’re longing for…

  • Skilled, evidence-based support to treat the trauma impacts you’re living with. 
  • The change to work with a therapist who actually gets it and is a POC themselves.
  • Therapy that talks about systemic bias, injustice, and racism as much as feelings.
  • A sense of confidence and esteem, not the fake kind, but the real unshakeable kind.
  • To work with a therapist who will provide culturally sensitive therapy, with interest and respect for your unique culture and experiences.

What you’re longing for is possible.

At Evergreen Counseling, we have a staff of seasoned, evidence-based therapists skilled in treating racial trauma.

How we can help you

By pursuing therapy for racial trauma, you can imagine the following:

Before Therapy After Therapy

A dysregulated nervous system. You feel locked into fight, flight, and freeze all day long.

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A more regulated nervous system. Not every text and relational conflict will feel like a five-alarm fire.

You rely on self-sabotaging behaviors to help numb painful feelings. Dependency habits. Compulsive behaviors. Choices with negative impacts.

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You can face and tolerate your feelings. You can deal with them more skillfully.

Profound weariness and fatigue from constantly navigating microaggressions and invisible stressors.

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Reclaimed energy and more capacity to tolerate the systemic stressors of life.

You feel isolated and find yourself withdrawing from important relationships in your life because they’re too draining.

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You feel more close and connected, to your therapist, and to the important relationships in your life.

What if I’m Not Ready?

If you don’t feel quite ready to book a complimentary consult call yet, that’s completely fine.

We don’t want you to feel pressured and we know that the choice to seek out therapy can feel difficult.

Part of you wants to do it, and another part of you is, perhaps, scared to begin because of the feelings you might have to finally feel.

Or a part of you questions whether or not you can even be helped at all.

Whatever the reason, no matter how ready or not ready you feel to begin therapy, we want you to have the information you need to make an informed choice.

So, to that end, please explore the additional information below to learn more about us and how we can help you.

We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to reach out for support.

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