Therapy Issues


Right now, as a result of anxiety, you may be experiencing…

  • A racing mind that jumps from one worry to the next constantly.
  • An inability to relax and slow down, to take a break.
  • Sleep disturbances, insomnia, and a profound sense of fatigue.
  • Muscle tightness, clenching jaw, aches, and discomfort in your body.
  • Irritability and snappiness in the relationships that matter most to you.

You’re realizing that your anxiety is getting in the way of your life…

  • You can’t enjoy life because you’re pushing yourself so hard all the time.
  • Your anxiety is making you unkind, grumpy, and constantly irritable with the people close to you. 
  • You’re making mistakes at work and at home because you’re pushing yourself too much.
  • You’re short-tempered, easily startled, find yourself yelling at home, and your family and friends are starting to get concerned.
  • Your health is suffering – your mental health as well as your physical health.

You’re wondering…

  • Is anxiety really what’s going on for me? How do I know it’s getting bad enough to seek out support?
  • Will I have to get on medication for my anxiety or are there other choices?
  • Shouldn’t I be able to handle this on my own?

You’re longing for…

  • A day or even an hour when your body and mind don’t flood with fear and worry.
  • An ability to actually enjoy your life instead of feeling anxious about how much anxiety you have. 
  • A good night’s sleep. Not only a four-hour stretch before you wake up at 2 am with a racing mind.
  • Tools and a plan to manage your anxiety (with or without medication).
  • An ability to be present and emotionally regulated for your family and your life again, and not just to be preoccupied with fears of the future and giving them the worst bits of you.

What you’re longing for is possible.

At Evergreen Counseling, we have a staff of seasoned therapists skilled in treating anxiety

How we can help you

By pursuing therapy for anxiety, you can imagine the following:

Before Therapy After Therapy

Deep fatigue stemming from chronic, anxiety-induced sleep deprivation.

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Better sleep hygiene and the ability to sleep through the night and wake up rested.

A racing mind that can only see what’s undone, what could go wrong, and what must be solved now.

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A calmer mind that can acknowledge what’s undone and discern priorities and act deliberately, not with frantic urgency.

Feeling constantly on edge and then yelling at or being unkind to the people you live with.

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More capacity for stress tolerance and more spaciousness for the loved ones in your life. More emotional regulation skills.

A mindset of everyday feeling like life is a mountain you have to scale solo and that you’re always behind.

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A greater capacity to enjoy life, even while the labor of life persists.

What if I’m Not Ready?

If you don’t feel quite ready to book a complimentary consult call yet, that’s completely fine.

We don’t want you to feel pressured and we know that the choice to seek out therapy can feel difficult.

Part of you wants to do it, and another part of you is, perhaps, scared to begin because of the feelings you might have to finally feel.

Or a part of you questions whether or not you can even be helped at all.

Whatever the reason, no matter how ready or not ready you feel to begin therapy, we want you to have the information you need to make an informed choice.

So, to that end, please explore the additional information below to learn more about us and how we can help you.

We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to reach out for support.

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